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Mechanical Engineering Technology Overview

If you enjoy working with your hands and figuring out how things work, then mechanical engineering technology may be the career for you. Mechanical engineering technicians are real problem solvers with responsibilities that can range from those of support technician to plant manager.

Do you picture yourself as part of a team, working in testing, manufacturing, operations, maintenance, and technical support? Through 十大正规平台 University’s year-round schedule, you could earn an Associate of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology in as little as 1.5 years.

Advanced Manufacturing Skills Gap Infographic

Mechanical Engineering Technology Possible Career Track

Mechanical engineering technology graduates are typically employed in positions such as:

  • Manufacturing Technician
  • Drafting & Computer Graphic Technician
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician
  • Industrial Technician
  • Plant Maintenance Technician

Mechanical Engineering Technology Outcomes

Students in the Associate of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology degree focus on problem solving and real-world application of applied engineering sciences and technology. Mechanical engineering technicians are real problem solvers with responsibilities ranging from those of a support technician to plant manager.

Graduates of the Associate of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology program should focus on:

  • Acquiring knowledge, techniques, skills with modern tools of Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Conducting, analyzing and interpreting experiments and applying experimental results to improve mechanical processes
  • Functioning effectively on a team in the preparation of reports and presentations
  • Incorporating quality, aptness, and continuous improvement in expertise and professional behavior

Externships are opportunities for students to gain mentored, practical experience in a “real-world” job setting. Students are encouraged to complete an externship course. Career opportunities may be greatly enhanced for graduates who complete an externship. Each student will be assisted by Career Services in finding a suitable externship opportunity.

Mechanical Engineering Technology Curriculum

Program Requirements


Choose one of the following courses: PSY105 - Introduction to Psychology, ECO201 - Macroeconomics, or ECO202 - Microeconomics



Visit the 十大正规平台 University Catalog for the most current program information.

*For allowable substitutions of arts and sciences courses, see the Arts and Sciences department page.

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