If you are a Registered Nurse (RN) with an active license looking to earn your BSN, 十大正规网堵平台's RN to BSN Online Option can help prepare you for the next step in your career.


注册护士到BSN学生的学费是12美元,核心护理课程, 哪些是在课程选项卡上确定的.


Complete the RN to BSN online option in as few as 12 months with year round, full time enrollment.




Advancements in healthcare have ushered in a new wave of career opportunities. 同时, 越来越多的医疗机构正在寻找受过高等教育的护士, 具体地说, 护理学理学士(BSN).  认识到这一趋势, the American Nurses Association has set a goal for 2020 that 80% of all nurses hold a BSN.* 

A recent report commissioned by the Institute of Medicine states that today’s patients are older, sicker, 并且患有更多的慢性疾病,如糖尿病, 高血压, 关节炎, 还有心血管疾病. 因此, 这表明, there is a greater need for highly-educated and skilled nurses capable of critical thinking and evidence-based practice.

*Source: 美国国家科学院医学研究所,2010年10月5日.


十大正规网堵平台 Online has designed a program to provide working nurses the opportunity to develop the critical knowledge, skills, and perspective required to assume greater levels of responsibility in the field of nursing. 十大正规网堵平台的教职员工认识到学生的时间, energy, 和事业是最重要的. Caring faculty members are highly-accessible and web-cam technology allows for critical one-on-one attention and assessments.

十大正规网堵平台’s innovative online program provides convenience without compromise. 在在线教学和学习中使用最佳实践, 教师们设计了一个最先进的课程, 旨在为毕业生担任领导和管理角色做准备.


全日制学生每学期参加两个在线课程, 从一个通识教育和一个护理课程开始.

  • 每学期5周
  • 全日制课程的完成时间为45周(9个学期), 每学期两节课),完成所有的先决条件
  • 一门课程需要实践经验(45小时)
  • 一门课程需要一个虚拟实验室(30小时)
  • 一门课程要求实验室实习(30学时)


  • 每学期5周
  • 非全日制课程的完成时间为85周(17个学期), (每学期1节课).
  • 一门课程需要实践经验(45小时)
  • 一门课程需要一个虚拟实验室(30小时)
  • 一门课程要求实验室实习(30学时)

Taking the RN-BSN program at a slower pace allows students to continue their education while fulfilling their family and work responsibilities which many find quite appealing.


Students take a five-week orientation course where they learn how to be a successful online student, BSN课程中使用的资源, APA格式和程序的政策. 



The RN - BSN Nursing education program, 纽波特纽斯, VA is accredited by the: 护理教育认证委员会.
桃树路3390号. N.E.1400套房
亚特兰大,GA 30326.
(404) 975-5000

The most recent accreditation decision made by the ACEN Board of Commissioners for the RN-BSN nursing program is Continuing 认证.
View the public information disclosed by the ACEN regarding this program at http://www.acenursing.us/accreditedprograms/programSearch.htm

The RN转BSN程序 (护理学学士学位) is offered at the Newports News Campus and delivered Online.


The duties and titles of registered nurses often depend on where they work and the patients they work with.

BSN毕业生有资格担任管理职位, 社区卫生, 信息学, 以及专业的临床实践. 毕业生可以在各种医疗保健机构工作,包括:








课程的目标是培养学士学位准备, 注册专业护士毕业生,具备以下能力:

  • 运用批判性思维, 临床推理, and research in evidence-based decision making to improve nursing practice and patient outcomes across healthcare settings.
  • Apply contemporary leadership and management concepts and theories to innovate practice environments, 解决问题并影响改变.
  • Apply legal and ethical concepts, theories, and standards to professional nursing practice.
  • 与患者沟通, 家庭, and healthcare providers to coordinate care and advocate for vulnerable populations across healthcare settings.
  • Integrate a variety of concepts related to trends and issues in contemporary nursing to foster professional role development.
  • Analyze how advanced technologies may be used in practice to improve patient care.
  • 作为团队成员为专业做出贡献, 授权有效, 指导其他护士.
  • 分析医疗保健政策的作用, politics, and quality improvement in promoting healthy populations and the nursing profession.
  • 应用理论, 干预措施, and health promotion and disease prevention strategies to promote physically safe and healthy environments for culturally diverse individuals, 家庭, 以及各种社区环境和情况下的群体.
  • 将知识和技能应用到教育工作中, 临床实践, 或信息学的专业实践和职业发展.
  • Demonstrate accountability and responsibility to nursing practice and value learning and reflective practice.

将RN-BSN十大正规平台按时完成率上报给 护理教育认可委员会 2021年7月1日至2022年6月30日期间为50%.


Students enrolled in our RN to BSN program could complete in as little as 12 months with our 10 nursing courses. 如果学生缺少所需的通识教育学分, 十大正规网堵平台 offers those courses at a reduced rate of 每学时250美元!*




获得护理学学士学位, 学生必须获得120学期学分(50学分), 27 Core, 18 Arts & 科学(5).

Visit the 十大正规平台 大学目录 for the most current program information.

*关于允许的文科和理科课程的替代,见文科 & 科学系网页.



  • A nursing diploma or Associate Degree in Nursing from an institution accredited by an agency recognized by either the Council for Higher Education 认证 (CHEA) or the U.S. 教育部.
  • 最低累积平均绩点(CGPA)为2.5对4.0 scale.
  • 目前,有效的,无限制的注册护士执照在美国.S. from the applicant’s state of residence or from a jurisdiction that is an associate member of the NCSBN
  • 不符合2 .的学生.5 GPA requirement may apply for admission to the RN to BSN program on a provisional status.


As an RN, we know you’re coming to 十大正规网堵平台 with valuable credits from your previous educational experiences. 最大限度地利用你以前的教育, 我们致力于使您的转让过程无缝衔接. Our RN-BSN nursing staff evaluate each applicant’s transcript to ensure students receive credit for all previous applicable credits.

Our admission representatives are available to answer your questions about admission requirements and walk you through the application process.


十大正规网堵平台 provides you with individualized support throughout your educational journey beginning with the admissions process. Your admissions representative will work with you to build a schedule that will work with your life and finances, 不管是一节课还是三节课. 


注册护士到BSN学费- 2021年10月生效
 10护理课程 $12,000
  Arts & 科学课程* 每学时250美元

*最多6个艺术 & 科学课程


Costs subject to change each session and vary by individual circumstances. 

View 学费和费用 注册护士到BSN在线学位完成选项的信息.



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